Top 5 Reasons To Go On Pinterest

Pinterest is a fairly new, but an increasingly popular site where you can scan through a bunch of images targeted to things you like all at one time. You can follow specific categories or people and save their images to your own Pin Board. It’s sort of like scanning through just the images of magazines, seeing something you like, cutting it out, and putting it on your cork board. Although it’s surprisingly popular with women, there are many reasons that everyone can benefit by going on Pinterest. Click on my favorite Pins and see the reasons why I go on Pinterest.

1) To Plan your wedding

Pinterest is the new way women (and men) can get a jump on their wedding planning, even if they are far from married. With the images linking to the purchasing site, it will make the planning for the big day that much easier. Fashion is all over Pinterest and you can find hundreds of different dresses and ideas to ease the planning stress. Go through and see other lay out ideas and color schemes to compare from so you know exactly what you want. It is a lot easier to just have a Pin board of all your ideas instead of having a giant binder of magazine clippings. Become your own wedding planner.


2) To find new recipes

In my personal life, it seems that more of my friend’s moms are on Pinterest than my friends themselves. Granted we all found the site before our moms, but thank goodness for moms being active on Pinterest and sharing their famous recipes. You can find recipes for the healthy new takes on classic foods or fancy new cocktails to serve at your next dinner party. With almost every picture you see on Pinterest, you can click to it’s source to learn how to make all the beautiful food. Guaranteed, if you haven’t it yet, you will begin to hear the phrase “I found it on Pinterest” all the time.


3) To sell your products

Because the Pins send the user to original source, businesses can take advantage and use Pinterest to sell their products. A lot of people connect their Pinterest to their Etsy account to drive in large Pinterest traffic. So if you’re looking to sell your stuff make sure you take pretty pictures of your product to attract the users so every time a picture is Pinned your site is getting that much more exposure.


Hey look it’s me! I’m a Pin!

4) DIY

Pinterest became an outlet for people to show how they made their fancy crafts. There are pins with directions on how to use old house hold objects to make new fun things, or how to update your old clothes, or to find out the perfect craft to make at your child’s next birthday. Picture collages of do it yourself projects add simplicity to something that you probably didn’t think was possible.


5) Cute Animals

Because it makes finding pictures of precious animals online a lot quicker.



Happy Pinning!


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