Final Recap

This blogging experience is coming to an end. As much as I loved doing these projects and showing you all my personal travels on the web, it’s time for me to move on. I like to think that you all gained a little insight while scrolling through this blog. And would also thank you for participating or just clicking on the blog. It warms my heart to see the amount of views a day.

Blogging is a great way to start my career in writing. It’s awesome that I got to write about something I really enjoy, which I hope continues for the rest of my life.

What I found that was the most interesting about the statistics part of blogging. The only time I would get a significant amount of views is when I bugged the crap out of you to read it. I really appreciate when I get responses about my writing outside of the site. Even when you jokingly post a hashtag on Facebook to me because you remembered my first post about The 7 Deadly Sins. It’s things like that, that remind me why I write in the first place. My numbers and stats were not excellent and it wasn’t a huge success in retrospect. I blame that on myself for not pushing more people to read it or spamming the hell out of it. Maybe one day you’ll see a polished version of one of these posts on Buzz Feed, that would be something wouldn’t it?

This is just the beginning.

Keep Snapping, Instagramming, Facebooking, and being social on the web.

Until next time,



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