Do you Tweet, post on Facebook, Instagram, Pin pictures, Reblog on Tumblr? Are you having trouble understanding your social networking sites? Not sure where and when to post? Are there too many for you to keep track of? I am here to help.

My name is Lindsey and I will be your guide into this crazy world of social networking. I have been participating in the social networking world for quite some time. On a daily basis, I see people not using social media to it’s fullest. There is a difference between these sites and I am going to help you distinguish between them.

It seems from grandmas to tweens, everyone has their own place on the web. I will teach you everything from the basics of the top social networking sites to the secrets to more followers to the sins of the internet. There will be in depth descriptions of the purpose of social networking, what pictures to post where, and if contrast is really needed in that Instagram.

Social networking news is important for this blog. I will search for the lastest news an opinions from my peers. For example here is a video sharing opinions on the Instagram craze. An example of fine typography, which goes into creating a successful social media site.

There is a difference between these sites. My goal is to help you organize your thoughts and guide them to it’s proper place on the web.



internet lover since ’96


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